Post 16: Crochet Purse

The new chef at work had a gf who loves crochet/knitted purses so he asked me to make her one. I found this pattern on ravelry for the ” Inga’s Haekelbeutel“, a design by Inga Joana Mertens, and loved it. I have seen other bags made in a similar fashion but i just loved her color scheme. There is a link to dnl the instructions. English isnt her first language so it was hard for me to get the motif pattern and then i realized that any granny motif would do. The pattern calls for 16 squares, but i saw a lot of ppl saying that the sixteen squares was really too large so i made only 12.  I chose really bright colors, we are still in the hottest month of the year in DC. There were from the Caron Simply Soft Brites Collection ( pink, yellow, and blue) and i just created 4 color patterns that i repeated. After finishing the squares i realized, how bright it was, so i chose a heather grey to do the border and the handles to mute the colors some, and i love love love the outcome.

The patterns calls to join the motifs in groups of 4 ( 3 in my case). I did that but i also did a border of 2 rows of sc in the grey, which created  diagonals of  thick silver stripes that werent planned but i liked. Be careful to make sure that when u are joining the motifs, that the RS are facing inward and that u are looking at the WS.  I hate to block my work but it was needed in this case, just for the fact that it makes joining the motifs so much easier. For the handles, i did 3 rows of sc while carrying grey, blue, and yellow. I attached the handles with the grey yarn. Then i went around the whole thing in sc.

I decided that since i was making this for someone who isnt a blood relative, i should line the bag. I found this lil site that gives a simple, cause i need simple, tutorial on lining bags. My sewing machine keeps catching and destroying needles, so for the meantime i had to hand sew in the lining. I think that fact that it not perfect kinds works in this case. Overall, it took two weeks, but i love this bag.


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