Post 23: Tunisian Scarves.

I wanted to create a ribbed scarf and decided to test out vertical and horizontal ribbing using the tunisian stitch.  To create both i used  two stitches. I alternated the Tss( tunisian simple stitch) and the Tks (tunisian knit stitch).

Vertical banding required switching the stitches every four loops.


The initial chain can be any multiple of 4 + 1

1. Chain 29. Skip the first chain. Pick up 28 loops. Then do the basic return row.

2.  With one loop on hook, Tss in next three stitches.  Four Tks in next four stitches. *Four Tss in next four stitches. Four Tks in next for stitches.  Repeat from * until end of row. Basic return row.

3. Repeat row 2 until desired length.

I did this pattern in Wool Ease Thick and Quick super bulky yarn in Pumpkin.  This yarn may look familiar because i had started another scarf pattern with it earlier but i pulled that out because i wasnt  happy with the way it was looking. Initially,  I had planned on connecting the ends of this scarf to create a circular scarf but i think i like open….eh, we will see.

The horizontal ribbing was created from a similarly simple pattern. Instead of changing stitches within the row, I  changed the stitch of the entire row every four rows.


Chain 37. In this the initial chain number doesnt really matter.

1. Skip the first chain. Pick up loops from all spines of chains. Then do the basic return row

2-4: Tss in each stitch and return.

4-8: With one loop on hook Tks in all stitches. * due to the fact the there is always one remaining loop on the hook, the first stitch in all tunisian crochet patterns will always be a Tss. Its not something that is really noticeable to the untrained eye*

repeat from row 2 until desired length.


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