Post 24: Shell and Leaf Shawl

I finally got my hands on the  book,  Crochet Lace: An Illustrated Guide to Making Crochet Lace Fabrics, which is am amazing book with lace crochet patterns. A book that is out of print and if you want to buy it, be ready to pony up over a 100 dollars. If this book was on the market today, I would pay 40.00 for it because its that good.  It takes a little while to get used to her pattern writing style, because its a lil’ old school, but its quick to catch one.  I decided to start with the Shell and Leaf shawl through a toss up. It was either that or the Old Shale Shawl.

*Sidenote: many of the links I use will come from www. and may not show if you dont have an account. If you are any kind of knitter, crocheter, or needleworker…do yourself the favor and just join. Its a great place for resources, friends, and to see others’ works.*

Now, the yarn that I chose to do this pattern in is Jojoland Harmony 1-ply cobweb yarn. Its thin…..oh so thin… air.  Im using a 3.75 hook and im actually pushing it with the size, i really should use a 2.75 but i want to go a lil faster. Why did i pick this yarn, you ask??  Well, I was in my LYS and was drawn to the colors, the shimmer, and how pretty the ball looked. In my daze, I  never sought to look at the weight of this yarn….but I did buy two balls of it.  I got it home, days later i decide to do a swatch and am a lil shocked.  I didnt know what i wanted to do with this yarn but I knew  it had to be lacy,  hella pretty,  and feminine. A yarn like this demands it   Sometime, I feel like im crocheting a spiderweb…I have never used yarn this thin before.  Iwill say that has helped me become more nimble and precise with my hook. With yarn like this pulling out the work because of mistakes is really not advised.  Its hitches and then it snaps………but its soft, and airy, and will look lovely once its blocked. I have been a month on this, fitting it in with the other projects that I am working on, and its slow going. The color is a purple to blue and its very very nice.  When I will finish is up in the air, but im saying before the end of jan 2010.


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