Post 14: My Yarn Stash

Well, i think that’s it time that i shared my yarn stash.  I have a good amnt of yarn but im still consider myself a social addict and not a full out junkie. I have seen stashes that are mounds higher. I think this will also be good for me, so that I can view all my yarn. I put all my yarn in ziploc bags because i keep them in a wicker basket and i dont want snags.

the majority of my yarn is caron simply soft but im slowly working up to more natural fibers and loving it. Now, im never gonna make an everyday scarf out of silk but maybe special shawl.

Any ideas on what i could do with that yarn is soooooo welcomed.

The yarn in the first  pic, i actually bought today at A Tangled Skein and its amazing.  Its a 70/30  bamboo/silk mix.  ATS is having this 30% off sale on their summer yarns and i def think that i will get more. I def need some type of project to use this beautiful yarn for.

I actually wanted to by some comfort grips for hooks but the shipment hadn’t come in to ATS yet, but the sales lady recommended the grips that they make for pencils could work for larger size hooks.

Post 13: Extended Loop Scarf

My mommie’s birthday is  August 11th and i have been wanting to make her a scarf for a long time. I have crochet a lot of stuff but i have never made her anything because i never think anything is good enough.  Well, i finally decided on a pattern  and yarn.  I used caron spa yarn in this beautiful green, my mom loves green. I had actually watched a lady doing broomstick lace and i realized that i liked it before this twisted so i bought a wooden dowel from home depot cause it had a perfect 1.5 inch diameter. My only issue it the dowel was that it was very long and they give u a saw in the aisle and u can cut the dowel down to the right length. I almost cut off my hand trying to use a hand saw, in the end i asked some guy to cut off a shorter piece for me.

I love the way that it came out.

Post 12: Bad Dye Job

This is just a post of a major f-up of mine. For a long time i have been interested in dyeing my own yarn and i finally got to doing it.  I went to all the sites that had information about dyeing with kool aid. This one was super helpful: sugaroni.  I did everything i was supposed to

2009 August 013 I soaked the yarn in a lil bit of vinegar and water.

2009 August 014I went with a red, orange, and yellow mix. i have seen the combination and it looks so nice.

2009 August 017i separated it among four dishes.

2009 August 019Soooooo pretty right.

2009 August 025totally didn’t wear gloves, so my hands were stained.

I waited and waited and waited but i just wasnt seeing the color stay on  the yarn.

Ummmm, what i didnt check was what material that my yarn was made out of. I was SOOOOOO sure that i was wool but nope, it was acrylic. ACRYLIC!!!!!! A material that cant be dye through acidic dyes but instead only through basic dyes.

2009 August 022

This is the lovely outcome that bums me out but doesnt discourage me completely because i will def. try again and this time use the right natural fiber.

Post 11: Crochet Blanket

I had mentioned before that i was almost complete with a blanket from Leisure Arts Blue Ribbon Afghans. What i haven’t done is go back and finish outlining the starburst on the first two rows of both ends. Its just really tedious but someday i will get it done. I love the square pattern that can be seen now, so i am in no rush. It took me several months to finish this project and in the end i overbought the yarn for it. So, now my other issue is figuring what to do with all this dusty rose from vanna’s choice that i have.

Post 10: Crochet Books

This is just  a post to share the material that i use for stitch reference and ideas. While my sister initiated  my learning of to crochet, i have to mention the other materials that i find helpful.

1. Encyclopedia of Crochet ::Is my go to guide.  What i really love about the EOC is that there are pics for lefties, including your truly,  and righties for all the stitches.  I found the explanations of stitches to be amazing as well. I will say that i think the philosophers coat that they give u the full pattern for is HIDEOUS to look at but i respect that amount of work it takes to create it. I truly appreciate the sections on yarn and gauge. I hate to check gauge and have on recently begun to actually learn names and weights of the yarn that i chose, instead of just choosing by touch.

2. Blueprint Crochet: Modern Designs for the Visual Crocheter :: I adore symbol crochet and understand it soooo much faster. The written out instructions just dont allow me to see what im working towards as well as the symbols do.  Now, i haven’t made anything out is this book but i love the motifs in it for smaller projects. Soon i think i will finally make that orange wrap that on the cover, although i will most likely make it in my fave colors, blue and grey.

3.  Amazing Crochet Lace:: Fantastic book. The chrysanthemum shawl, that on the cover, is what drew me to this book. I love exploded lace and the chrysanthemum is my birth flower.  Doris Chan also included the crochet charts, which makes it an absolute winner in my book.  Below is the shawl that i did in simply soft heather grey yarn.

4. Leisure Arts Blue Ribbon Afghans: i love the afghans in this book. I have completed one, wellll almost i still have a couple embellishments to add. My one grip is that its alll written out which really test my patience but the products are beautiful. There are also quite a few knit patterns in here.

5. 63 Crochet Cable Stitches: I was always jealous of the ease of which knitters could incorporate cables into their work. I was very happy when i found this book which uses not only  fpdc and bpdc,but also popcorn stitches at get the cabled patterns.

**Update Aug 19th, 2009**

earlier this week i got a new book

6. Sensual Crochet: i love this book. Im gonna substitute silk and cashmere for blends from my LYS. My college student budget only allows for sooooo much money spent on yarn. Now, looking at my stash that may not be evident but im actually really holding back from how much i wanna buy, lol.

Post 9: Scarve, scarves, and more scarves

I LOVE SCARVES. I love fall and all the clothings that comes along with it. I love cooler temps,  so when i can get my sweaters, turtle necks, scarves, books, fall hats to come out, i race to do it. This is just a post to show that scarves that i have made for myself so far.

Pics 1-3:

This is the bow tie pattern done in Caron Simply Soft Shadows “Dark Moss“.

Pics 4-7:

This was done with Vanna’s Choice yarn. I carried both strands of yarn at all times, which added it cool stretch to the scarf. It was two rows of dc, color a, to one row of dc, color b.  I finished with a border of sc in color b.  I actually made this for my lil brother, because he loves orange, but it didn’t go well with his skin, so my gain.

Pics 8-10:

This was my first try at the circular scarf. I believe i did a chain of around 230. They only things annoying in this piece was making sure not to twist that base chain as i was doing that first row of sc. I have no  idea what the yarn is but i did buy it at ATS. The pattern that you see is completely by accident and really like it.  I think i get complimented on this scarf more than all others.

Pics 11-12:

This was the first scarf that i EVER made. Its done in bulky yarn by Red Heart, similar to this.  The body is done in tunisian crochet stitches and the border is just dont by doing 3 tr in the first stitch of each row and corners. This scarf had been through 6 good years with me and its hasnt fallen apart yet.

Pics 13-16:

I personally dont like this color  but i this was first try at ribbing.  All the row are worked only in the back loops of the previous row. I tried to get the pics at an angle where it could be seen, but i didnt do so great of a job. I love the feel of the scarf but not the color.

Pics 17-19:

I call this my lion scarf. I just had a lot of this yellow yarn, from a yarn bender i had went on months before, and i wanted to experiment with tr stitches. Im not a fan of the tr stitch because mine were never consistent, so i decided to make a scarf that alternated tr stitches with sc stitches.  After i finished, i can say that my tr stitches are awesome.  This scarf is very long and i reserve it for the coldest days. I also love the scalloped border.

As i said : I LOVE SCARVES. These scarves will definitely be joined by others before this fall comes around.

In a later post, i will share all the scarves that i have made for my older sis. She is the person who taught me how to crochet.

Post 8: What To Do With Yarn I Dont Like

Sometime last year i bought yarn from ATS and i havent used it. The reason is that, while i loved the color, i didnt like the texture. I tend to go for the soft yarn and this one was a lil too harsh for me.  This year i made a promise to myself  that i would use all the yarn that i have in my stash before i go out and buy new yarn. SOoooo far, i have one bought 8 new skeins, which is really good for me. So i looked to at this yarn and started brainstorming about what i could do with the stitches to somehow fake a fabric that lends itself to draping.

While i was watching  a video on broomstick lace, it came to me. I love the elongated stitches but didn’t really need that twisting of the stitches that you would do in broomstick lace.

I plan on going back to ATS to get the name of this yarn, not that i can guarantee that it will be there but i do love the color.

You may notice that the colors are the top are different, well i  bought 1 skein of each color in this yarn and since im not trying  to get more so i will  just use the other.  This will be a scarf.

Later, i will update to show that  finished product.

Post 7: Cable Crochet Laptop Case

Well, i have finally finished the simple cabled laptop case for my hp pavilion 17″. I choose cream and purple, cause i had a lot of it, due to a random yarn binge. I made the row above and below the cable, as well as the row with the actual cable in it to emphasize the cables. I am very happy with the turn out.  I know in some pics that it looks blue and white but that is just the flash gone wrong.

Post 6: Lets Talk Yarn

As a yarn lover with an exponentially increasing yarn collection i am always on the lookout for beautiful yet cheap yarn. As much as i love the specialty yarn shops, my budget isnt always where i want it to be. That’s the the great thing about Caron yarns. I love their “country” and”spa” and “simply soft heather”  yarns. All the yarns are soft and they drape wonderfully. I tend to use them for lace and hat patterns.

The “spa” is a 25% bamboo/ 75% microdenier acrylic i havent personally used it but i just bought some and am waiting for the right pattern.

The “country” is a 75% microdenier acrylic/ 25% merino wool, LOVE IT!

The “heather” is simply acrylic.

The simply soft heather and country i have used over and over again.  I am a scarf fanatic and these yarns are durable and soft. Althoughi am waiting for the day that i have the patience to make and airy mohair scarf, butttt until im ready for  that, i will stick with the caron brand.

I hope  make this a regular thing where i review the yarn that i have.

Post 5: Cable Crochet Chart

I am in the process of making a crochet laptop case fr my 17 inch hp pavillion. I am using a cable crochet stitch. Im in the process of writing the pattern and putting up the pics but i fdid create a chart for it. It had taken me quite a while to understand cables and never really got it until i saw this video. The change i made, from the instructions given on the video was i wanted a 3 by 3 cross over. I haven’t figured out how publishers make the crochet charts that u see in books, and its not for lack of trying, so i use excel and copy and paste. Its a lil tedious but i like the outcome and i hope to become better at it and to make it look better.

cabled crochet pattern

Notes for the chart:

1. Between every row that is a chain three to account for the height  difference.

2. The first three red stitches are front post double crochets done 2 rows down and in the 4th, 5th, and 6th fpdc of the group of 6 fpdc.

3. The next three red stitches are fpdc done 2 rows down and in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd fpdc of the group of 6 fpdc

4. To increase the width of the piece, use multiples of the 18 stitches.

5. To increase the length just repeat rows2 to 5.